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Current Issue

April 2020 Vol. 35 No. 04

I.C. Drivers to Get Unemployment Benefits + $600
Cleaning and Maintaining Your Car During Pandemic
Shanker: Drivers Should Look to Traditional Bases
Largest Medallion Loan Holder Pauses Collections

Past Issues

March 2020 Vol. 35 No. 03

TLC Warns: No Discrimination Over Virus
Hedge Fund Scoops Up Medallions
Battle Continues Over FHV Rooftop Ads
AG Seeks $810M for Medallion Owners

February 2020 Vol. 35 No. 02

Jarmoszuk Nominated as TLC Chair
No Details Yet on NYC Congestion Fees
Well-Meaning but Flawed Legislation
Proyecto de ley con buenas intenciones, pero con fallas
Delaying Insurance Renewals Can Cost $$$
La demora en las renovaciones de los seguros puede costar $$$

January 2020 Vol. 35 No. 01

Judge Ends HVFHV “Cruising Cap”
Drivers Advised on Passenger Pronouns
Passengers Should Buckle Up, Too
Bus Lane Enforcement on M15 Route

December 2019 Vol. 34 No. 12

The Gig Economy and a 3rd Category of Worker
NYC Driver Suicide Documentary Released
Medallion Owners Win Class-Action Status
Tesla Model 3 to be First Electric NYC Taxi

November 2019 Vol. 34 No. 11

TLC Increases Police Presence By 60%
Details of the 14th Street Car Ban
Reps Call for Taxi Bailout, De Blasio Says No
Restore Headlights for Winter Driving Safety

October 2019 Vol. 34 No. 10

Airport Fees Reduced, Delayed a Year
Liveries Keep Pushing for Restricted Licenses
New Player Buys Hundreds of Taxi Medallions

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