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Current Issue

September 2020 Vol. 35 No. 09

TLC Offers Safety Tips as Crime Spikes
Cabbies Protest Demanding Debt Relief
Black Car/Livery Task Force Approved
Drivers Worry as More Streets Closed to Cars

Past Issues

August 2020 Vol. 35 No. 08

TLC Data Shows Massive Impact on Industry
Drivers AND Passengers Must Wear Masks
Ruben Diaz Sr. Won’t Seek Re-election
Best Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Car

July 2020 Vol. 35 No. 07

Transportation Board Outlines Plans for FHVs, Taxis
Drivers Were There For the City When Needed Most
An Essential Coronavirus Tip You May Have Missed
Experts Predict “New Normal” for Business Travel

June 2020 Vol. 35 No. 06

NY Offers Transportation Companies New Loan Programs
TLC Approves Temporary Partitions for all FHVs
New TLC Resource Center Offers Essential Help to Drivers
Hedge Fund Considers Proposal to Stabilize Medallion Values

May 2020 Vol. 35 No. 05

COVID-19 Economic Relief Primer
Livery Fund, Hereford Offer Financial Relief
TLC Gives Drivers Raise for Food Deliveries
All New Yorkers to Wear Masks in Public

April 2020 Vol. 35 No. 04

I.C. Drivers to Get Unemployment Benefits + $600
Cleaning and Maintaining Your Car During Pandemic
Shanker: Drivers Should Look to Traditional Bases
Largest Medallion Loan Holder Pauses Collections

March 2020 Vol. 35 No. 03

TLC Warns: No Discrimination Over Virus
Hedge Fund Scoops Up Medallions
Battle Continues Over FHV Rooftop Ads
AG Seeks $810M for Medallion Owners

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