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July 2018 Vol. 33 No. 07

After 6th Driver Suicide, Action MUST Be Taken
FHV Coalition Efforts Halt TLC 25% WAV Program
Hedge Fund Buys 131 Medallions at June Auction
Taxi Drivers Get More Vehicle Choices Beyond “TOT”

Past Issues


June 2018 Vol. 33 No. 06

FHV Bases Should Pick WAV Dispatcher
City Halts Plans for Taxi Medallion Sale
Livery Driver Meets Police Who Saved Him
Don’t Let a Flat Tire Ruin Your Week


May 2018 Vol. 33 No. 05

FHV/Taxi Drivers Face Congestion Pricing in 2019
Livery Driver Shooter Apprehended, Charged
Mayor Wants to Ban Cars From Central Park
Top Reasons People Get Pulled Over by Police


March 2018 Vol. 33 No. 03

• Vigils Held for Suicide Victim
• Rally Greets New FHV Committee
• TLC Agents Attacked By Mob
• Horse-Drawn Carriage Rams Taxi

Taxi and Livery Times COVER - February 2018

February 2018 Vol. 33 No. 02

Hot Topics This Month
• Congestion Pricing
• Insurance Renewals

Taxi Livery Times Cover - 201801

January 2018 Vol. 33 No. 01

The inaugural issue of Taxi Livery Times is available now. Here’s what’s inside:

  • The “Taxi Dave” Show Returns
  • TLC Slams the FHV Industry
  • Taxi Insider & Livery Times Merge
  • Camry Hybrids Approved
  • LaGuardia Terminals Relocated
  • Is Congestion Pricing Coming?

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