Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about what happens if you accidentally hit a pedestrian with your vehicle.

Accidents happen every day. With the prevalence of distractions – like scooters, bikes and motorbikes – and pedestrian traffic more interested in looking at their cell phones than paying attention when crossing the street, there has been a rise in vehicles hitting pedestrians in recent years. In such circumstances, most drivers will receive a 19-190 summons, which is returnable at OATH, the NYC administrative tribunal that decides these types of cases.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to hire a lawyer to fight a 19-190 summons. The fine for such a summons is minimal: $250. However, there can be severe negative consequences for any lawsuit brough by a pedestrian struck by your vehicle, no matter who was at fault. In other words, by paying the $250 fine and pleading guilty to a 19-190 ticket you may prejudice a lawsuit brought against you and this could cost you a whole lot of money – and possibly a loss of insurance or your ability to rent a TLC vehicle and work in the future.

A good lawyer has many remedies available to protect a summonsed driver in this situation. I urge you to seek legal counsel with a competent attorney (like myself), if this should happen to you.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month, be well…