Drivers are not seeing relief on gas prices in the Tri-State area, and the average cost per gallon continues to set new records. In New York City, average prices are hovering around of $5 per gallon, although the website – which displays updated rates at stations across the city – was showing a range of more than a dollar per gallon in late May, depending on the location.

According to an article that appeared on the MSN website, workers who can’t increase their fees are doing whatever they can to save in other ways, including traveling to nearby towns.

New York’s TLC-regulated drivers are feeling the pinch more than most. According to cab driver Tarlochan Singh Bhatti, “We’re really hurting. We don’t fill up once a week, we fill up every day.”

The House approved legislation to crack down on alleged price gouging by oil companies, but record high prices are being fueled by inflation and uncertainty.

Source: MSN