I had to totally a new, unforgettable experience with a passenger on 12/23/20. Around 1:00pm at the northeast corner of East 105th Street and 1st Avenue, a passenger hailed me. He was nicely dressed, looked like a government official. He told me he would like to go to a Bronx print shop (SG print shop, 937 East Gunhill Rd, Bronx). He said he had to pick up some documents and come back again in Manhattan. He said he would pay me a flat $80 fare. He also told me that he’s a federal agent, and that he works with gang and narcotics related matters. He even showed me a gold-colored badge.

The man was medium build, about 5’4”.

He kept me waiting for more than half an hour in front of the print shop. When he was coming to Manhattan, he told me he wanted to make a third stop at 82nd Street and Lexington Avenue, and said he would pay me more. His second stop was 444 East 105th Street.

At the second stop, he told me that he was coming back in five minutes, after dropping off some documents. He never came back. I didn’t call the police because it would just waste more of my time.

Maybe he is a career criminal and ripping off other people in different ways. So, all drivers should be careful. He didn’t seem suspicious at all.

Abul Khan

Editor’s Note: TLC Drivers who need help getting paid for a trip, a security deposit returned, or believe they experienced a lease overcharge or identify theft can email the TLC’s Driver Protection Unit at [email protected]. Drivers that experience violence or harassment on the job can email [email protected].