A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away, the TLC promised that WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) would receive $1,000 quarterly – based on 250 trips and no arrears with payments or summonses. Also, $1 for each trip on a Bank of America card.

I haven’t received my $1,000 this year at all, and I’m concerned I’ll never see it again. So, why should we pay surcharges? That money was supposed to be put into escrow and distributed to WAV owners each quarter. LIES, LIES, LIES! Where is the money? Who calculated it? Who manages it?

It’s time to eliminate the TLC. They are useless. There’s no reason for them to be around. They don’t do anything, except collect complaints and mail out summonses.

Now they send settlement notices of fines, after a driver already paid and pleaded guilty to a red-light camera. WATCH OUT! TLC will send another summons for the SAME violation.

How is that legal, when delivery trucks receive five tickets for double parking at the same spot and all are DISMISSED?!

The taxi industry has really gone down the tubes. This industry changed forever was when Koch removed two-way radios from yellow taxis and Black Cars were created. That was the defining point in our history that changed us forever. Imagine if it never happened?

Taxi Solomon