Fuel Economy is Critical. When a cab travels at least a hundred miles per day, the less fuel cost is the better, which is why cab owners often put mileage above all else when choosing a cab.

Passengers are Also Rated. It’s typical for passengers to rate a cab driver on how well the trip went. But most don’t realize they’re being rated right back. Drivers will judge the riders on their behavior and make notes on those who cause trouble, from too many complaints to worse behavior.

They Don’t Actually “Step on It”. Cab drivers have to put up with a lot of misconceptions, thanks to movies and TV shows. One of the biggest is a customer offering a major tip to get them someplace in a hurry. Most drivers are smart enough to turn down the offered payday because they still have to obey the same traffic laws as anyone else. In fact, the fine for a cab driver speeding or driving recklessly can be worse than what their passengers face. It can also cost them their job or license.

They’re Wired for Alarms. Cab drivers have learned the hard way they can be a target for danger – from angry customers to robbery attempts. It’s why many cabbies embrace technology, like dashboard cameras. Some even have “panic buttons” that can send an SOS to dispatch and the police.

It’s a Male-Dominated Field. It may seem sexist, but the blunt truth is that cab drivers remain one of the most male-dominated fields. Just 24% of global taxi drivers are women, with New York City having only 1%. It seems many women aren’t as inclined to put up with the hassles or the dangers of the job, while some companies feel customers are more inclined to want a male driver.

Upkeep Can Be a Nightmare. When a car is in use constantly during day and night, maintenance becomes that much more important. Because the slightest delay means time and money lost, these cabs have to be kept in the constant best shape. Even the smallest issue needs to be checked out immediately, with most driver costs going for constant oil changes and double-checking the engine daily. A taxi needs almost as much constant check as a NASCAR racer with all the work it gets.

The Mileage Isn’t as High as You Might Think. One would assume taxis accumulate stunningly high mileage, given they’re driven all over a city every day. However, cabbies are smart to do their best to keep that down, plus the fact that many trips are only a few blocks rather than miles. The average cabbie does 180 miles per day in NYC, which adds up to roughly 35-75,000 miles per year.

It’s One of the Most Dangerous Occupations. When someone becomes a cab driver, they have to face a lot of dangers. It’s not simply a risk of accidents. It ranks among the highest murder rates for any job, with almost 18 out of every 100,000 killed for cash.

Source: Hot Cars