The grief-stricken brother of a Bronx hit-and-run victim says he’s trying to pick up the pieces after his sister’s death. Joseph Fleurant, a For-Hire Vehicle driver, is now caring for the teenage daughter and young son his sister left behind.

Murielle Gousse, 44, and another woman, 53, were crossing E. Fordham Rd. at Morris Ave. in Fordham Manor on the night of Aug. 28 when an out-of-control sedan plowed into her, killing her. The car also struck some metal items on the sidewalk, sending them flying into the other woman and injuring her, police said.

Police were still looking for the driver who fled the scene, as of Sept.

“She was a good person, single mother of two. Very close with her family, very close-knit, Haitian family,” Fleurant said. “It’s an uphill battle right now, trying to figure it out, trying to give them time. Trying to find any relief possible.”

Fleurant also blasted bystanders at the scene who he said recorded his sister with their phones but didn’t help.

Source: Daily News