Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about the importance of fighting each DMV and TLC ticket you receive by using a lawyer like myself or a qualified representative to assist you.

Last month, I wrote about the economic costs of paying or losing a DMV ticket and how expensive and troubling it is to lose a DMV summons for a professional driver.  In addition to the huge economic cost of a DMV ticket, the most troubling aspect of a moving violation ticket for a professional driver is the points. Remember, TLC has critical and persistent driver programs that COMBINE DMV points and TLC points, leading to the loss of your TLC job if you receive 10 points in a 15-month period, measured from the guilty date of your most recent summons.

It is important to use a lawyer or representative for every TLC or DMV ticket because your job is literally on the line. If you receive too many combined points your TLC license will be revoked for at least one year and then you must reapply to receive a new TLC license, which is not automatic.

There are tickets that do not require a lawyer. However, any industry lawyer or qualified industry representative should tell you free of charge during an initial consultation if you will need to pay them to fight the ticket for you.

The point of this article is to stress how important it is to fight each and every summons you receive from NYPD, another policing agency or the TLC. Establish a relationship with a lawyer or representative and consult with them about your legal issues – especially DMV and TLC tickets. It is worth it in the long run to challenge your tickets, even if you did something you know is not correct. You may not win every challenge and it may cost extra for a lawyer or representative, but in the grand scheme of things, it is logical and generally cost effective to hire representation every time you receive a DMV and TLC summons.

Moreover, it is wise to consult a lawyer or representative early in the process. Once you receive a ticket, call a lawyer within a week to discuss. December has historically been a big month for tickets. Don’t wait until after the holidays to reach out to your lawyer.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month… be well.