I always get extremely annoyed when I see an obscured license plate or a questionable paper license plate on a vehicle in front of me going through a toll plaza. New York City’s Mayor Adams – realizing the importance of vehicle licensure, insurance and toll collecting – has directed NYPD and the city sheriff’s office to crack down on drivers using fraudulent license plates.

It is no coincidence that a large percentage of scofflaws never pay their summonses. It’s because their plates were untraceable to anyone… until now.

One morning in Washington Heights, 54 cars were seized bringing the city’s total to 2,478. In one week, 1,646 vehicles with fraudulent paper license plates were towed. A miraculous 34% of those vehicles were never retrieved by their owners.

Summonses range between $65 to $200, plus the towing charges. It should be noted that charges for using fraudulent plates is also a misdemeanor.

In the past year, city agencies made 3,568 arrests, written 16,448 summonses, towed 1,700 vehicles and seized 2,478 vehicles.

It comes as no surprise many vehicles with fraudulent plates are used in crimes, and it is a crime to knowingly use such license plates. ONLY the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is authorized to issue paper license plates. Literally, NO ONE ELSE! Do not be fooled by ads for paper license plates promising you you’ll be able to avoid tolls and camera violations – like speeding, red lights and bus lane violations. The people trying to sell you that line of crap are criminals in the eyes of the State, and drivers using their phony paper plates are breaking the law as well.

Now, my anger has somewhat subsided when I see these smart-asses who think they will get away with NOT paying tolls… ever. I just smile knowing their time will come.