I was awakened out of a sound sleep at 4:00am this morning by an inner thigh cramp. Groaning turned into screams of pain as I tried to stretch, walk it off and hydrate – the latter of which seems to work best.

I was not able to fall back into a dead slumber, nor get comfortable, hence it was “Boobtube” time. One channel discussed what we should bring forward regarding climate change, with the recent tornados. Another supported U.S. Senator Manchin publicly coming out against President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, then added that Dr. Fauci should be arrested for misleading the American public. Yet another discussed the negative effects of getting an abortion pill.

All the stories were touchy and a bone of contention with different segments of the American people. However, all national news stations shared one current topic: the COVID situation. Apparently, millions of Americans are traveling during the Christmas season by planes, trains and automobiles.

After two years of semi-isolation, it seemed as though things were finally almost back to “normal.” Now the Omicron variant is blanketing havoc upon every segment of social normalcy: Broadway shows are temporarily closing, professional sports games are being rescheduled, some restaurants and music venues are requiring recent COVID tests, in addition to being vaccinated – all while mandating masks again. It’s also apparent at the time of this writing, COVID hospitalizations are increasing daily, as is a COVID surge in positivity rates.

I am not a surfer, but big waves are back across America.

My grandchildren between 5-12 years old are vaccinated, but I cannot get a test until after New Year’s, and Claire and I need to reschedule my indoor February 19 birthday party, to an outdoor venue in August. I am also getting ready for my 7:00am trips to the supermarket for us and senior neighbors. I call it: Here We Go Again Syndrome.

The main difference this time around is, we have been vaccinated, had our booster shots and have plenty of toilet paper and Lysol. Hopefully, “the supply chain” will improve so we do not fear the negative effects of isolation.

Truckers and taxi drivers have never been held in higher esteem with a newly found respect that was lacking during my entire lifetime. God bless all of you! Now, stay safe and be diligent.

Me? I will take an inner thigh leg cramp over COVID any day of the year.