One would think that, after all of the taxes we’ve paid on each gallon of gasoline, I would be able to announce that every highway is finally perfect – with no need for money to pave new road surfaces or pothole repairs, no need for more money to build new roads/highways, no more money to replace or repair bridges, no more money to install better road signs, and no more money for snow-plowing all roads. I mean, just last year in New York, the state sold over 5,800,000 gallons of gasoline with a state tax of over 40 cents. In 2021 the New York State gasoline tax went up to 42.70 cents per gallon, so surely the $247 million dollars collected will pay for every infrastructure product ever conceived.

If only…

For decades, all the state gasoline taxes earmarked for state highways and roads have been diverted to the financially wasteful Transportation-Octopus, the MTA. Most of the gasoline tax money goes towards mass transit paying for subways, buses and commuter railroads like AMTRACK, NJ Transit and the Long Island Railroad… with no strings attached. It is no wonder the Governor gives the MTA whatever new taxes they can dream up – whether it be the sale of your New York state home, your cell phone, your energy bills, etc.

You get the picture: Legalized Scams to take your hard-earned dollars. The governor of New York gets $900 million in discretionary funding from the Port Authority, but that is a discussion for another day and another time.

People are fed up with these legalized scams. Why do I call the gasoline tax a scam and the MTA a scam agency? Because the MTA has received enough money to have the entire subway system rebuilt twice with a subway system that could be better than Moscow’s (80 cents/ride) and a bus system better than Hong Kong’s (starting at $2.70).

New York is in over its head regarding bureaucratic nepotism, with outside contracts going to insider family members, the Governor controls and frivolous spending practices imbedded into its mantra.

But let’s get back to the state’s gasoline tax. New York doesn’t have the highest gasoline tax, California does at $.6305 cents per gallon. Combine that with a 7% state sales tax and viola, they too pay through the nose.

Of course, California is much larger than New York in size and population. Pennsylvania is next with a 58.7 cent tax on a gallon of gasoline, followed by Illinois at 52.16 cents, and New Jersey at 50.7 cents (up from 41.40 cents in 2020).

One would think that Hawaii, a state where EVERYTHING must be shipped from our mainland would have the highest gasoline tax, but they are the sixth most expensive at 46.84 cents per gallon – and believe me, their roads are impeccably maintained. Next comes New York at 42.7 cents per gallon, as New Yorkers used five million gallons in 2020. You do the math.

This explains why revolution is in the air: People are fed up with paying gasoline taxes only to be taxed on toll roads, only to be taxed on bonds for local and state governments to exist, only to be taxed on every phone call, every drink, every morsel of food.

If we could only feed our hungry and quench their thirst and provide a home for every American, maybe taxes would be worth the struggle. I for one am totally fed up with being over-taxed on everything. Our governments have caved in to the MTAs of the world, who pay off politicians with discretionary funds and contributions, and who have a nepotistic-overpriced contract agenda.

Each and every expense always trickles up to taxpayers like you and me. It is disgusting that, with the billions of dollars collected nationally, we have not solved hunger nor homelessness. Instead, we have destroyed what is left of the middle class, yet our governments still raise gasoline taxes and tolls every year.

Damn, our governments cannot even fix our current roads and bridges, even though there was enough tax money to repave every road and replace every bridge from New York to California.