Hello everybody! This month, I want to talk about the connection between DMV tickets written primarily by NYPD and TLC tickets written primarily by TLC inspectors or Port Authority Police. It’s important to remember that DMV points not only affect your TLC license, they get added together with TLC points to impact your ability to maintain “good standing” on your TLC license.

It is far more common for drivers to receive DMV tickets written by the NYPD, which boasts thousands and thousands of officers. Plus, you can get a ticket anywhere in New York State by any local or state police department, and the issued summons will result in DMV points if you are found guilty. Just by virtue of the sheer number of officers in NYC and NY State, you are far more likely to get a DMV ticket than a TLC ticket.

Here is the tricky part: A guilty DMV ticket will result in points on your DMV license AND your TLC license, putting your TLC license in jeopardy. DMV tickets can impact your regular DMV NYS driver’s license but TLC tickets only impact on your TLC license. So, DMV tickets carry a double whammy for TLC drivers.

Some good news: As I write this article, you can take a defensive driver course to have four points deducted from your NYS driver’s license. You also get a three-point reduction on your TLC license without having to attend an additional class.

If you receive a TLC ticket, it will only affect your TLC license in most instances, depending on the severity of the ticket. For instance: a TLC ticket for unlicensed driving can impact your NYS driver’s license and lead to suspension of same.

Under the persistent driver program, TLC will suspend your TLC driver’s license if you accrue six points or more in a 15-month period, measured from the guilty dates of the tickets. REMEMBER: Points from DMV and TLC tickets are added together when a decision is made about whether or not to issue you a license suspension.

In most cases, TLC will allow you to pay a $500 fine to avoid this suspension. However, if you receive more than 10 points in a 15-month period, then boom… you lose your TLC license and your job as a TLC driver. A defensive driver course offers some relief but does not prevent the revocation in this instance.

I highly recommend taking a defensive driver class (DDC) every 18 months (or more) to get 4 points taken off of your DMV license and 3 points off your TLC license. Don’t wait, take the class. You will not be prohibited from taking the DDC class just because you took it recently. Be smart and take the class every 18 months… or more, if your lawyer instructs you to do so.

I hope you found my article informative. Thanks for reading it. Until next month (and always)… Stay well!