Police in China arrested a former bar manager named Xie Lei on suspicion of murder after he tried to hop in a cab in September with a blood-drenched, foul-smelling suitcase, the South China Morning Post reported. The cabbie stepped out to help the man place the heavy suitcase in the trunk, but quickly grew suspicious and called police. Xie, 33, fled the scene, leaving the suitcase behind.

When authorities opened the luggage, they found the body of a 19-year-old woman, whose name was not immediately released, although Lei reportedly once worked with her at a local bar, before the suspect quit in August.

The victim’s father told Oriental News Today the 19-year-old woman was his oldest child and had been a migrant worker for many years. She had been in contact with her family in the days before she was killed, the father said.

Source: New York Post