20,000 TLC Driver Licenses Should be Reinstated

About 15 years ago, I was arrested – and as a courtesy, I guess, received a phone call the very next day from a professional at the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) informing me that my hack license had been suspended and then revoked in accordance with THEIR TLC rules. It made no difference to the TLC that the charges against me were later dismissed by the county District Attorney, in which the arrest occurred.

At that time, the TLC Commissioner reviewed each case of license suspension and had the authority to reverse any such suspension. Not one case was ever reversed during the tenure of my friend Matt Daus or any other chairperson before or since. Apparently, the TLC at that time (and still today) was run by an agency afraid of providing constitutional rights… but more afraid of their boss, the mayor of New York City.

In all sarcasm, how could they ever correct an injustice and do the correct thing? The answer is: They have always been and still are negligent when it comes to providing fairness and justice concerning drivers. True justice, the foundation of Democracy, is simply not in their blood.

Due process? Those two words have always been and still are meaningless when it comes to an arrested driver, regardless of the actual circumstances surrounding such arrest. Whether you were arrested for a fictitious charge, for littering or loitering, for peeing on a side street at 2:00am, the TLC qualified you as a public safety threat! True!

Then came Dan Ackman, a man who has always championed the small guy, the Taxi/Black Car/Livery driver – a man who actually subpoenaed and put Rudy Giuliani on the stand to admit his TLC was wrong. In this light, Dan won a lawsuit in Federal Court; Nnebe vs. Daus, which demands due process and requires the TLC to prove the TLC licensee is a public safety threat.

Over the many years of this now illegal process, approximately 20,000 licenses have been suspended, then revoked, whereby the licensee never was to be reinstated. Now that the federal court stated this TLC rule to be unconstitutional, the city of New York has a responsibility to reach out to every driver unconstitutionally suspended and develop a process by which 20,000 drivers can retain their licenses.

Since this is highly unlikely – because the TLC only does what they have to by law – restitution or reinstatement is possible, but you must contact Dan Ackman. All that said, if you know anyone whose TLC license was suspended due to an arrest, due process is back. Call Dan.