Image group of friends enjoying a party at pub. Happy young people having fun at nightclub.

New York City’s “Office of Nightlife” is recommending a pilot program for 24-hour nightlife in select neighborhoods. The office recommended the city identify potential areas with low-residential density to implement the pilot program, which would apply to music venues and nightclubs in the areas as well.

“We’ve seen in other cities that allowing 24-hour use in specified districts, if implemented properly, can actually help people move and socialize at their own pace rather than having to get it all in before 4:00 in the morning,” said Ariel Palitz, senior executive director of NYC’s Office of Nightlife.

Palitz named Amsterdam and Berlin, among other global cities that have allowed 24-hour nightlife, saying that a rise in crime has not been an issue in most of those districts. The pilot program, she said, would help assess potential issues – adding that activity past 4:00am already happens at illicit after-hours parties.

The program is still in an exploratory phase. The next step would be working with other city departments to pick potential areas for the pilot.

Source: Crain’s New York Business