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The Livery Round Table (LRT) sent an email to its members in Oct. announcing that, “given the continuing hardship and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to Independent Livery Drivers and Independent Livery Bases in New York… the Board of Directors of the New York Independent Livery Driver Benefit Fund (NYILDBF) decided to provide further financial relief to its members.”

The Board of the ILDBF remitted payment for the membership dues for ALL members for the June installment, including relief to over 270 Livery bases. No ILDBF member will have to make its final payment to the Fund or its carrier – Hereford Insurance Company – for coverage during 2020. All members shall remain in good standing. No member Livery base will be receiving an invoice.

To ensure fairness, the Fund is crediting those members that paid their membership in full before COVID-19, with the proportionate dues amount that the member would have been assessed for the final 2020 installment payment. This equates to approximately 20% of the annual membership dues per member. This credit will apply to future membership invoices during the 2021 membership year.

Source: Livery Round Table