A closeup of a backlit illuminated gas gage with the needle indicating an empty tank on an isolated dark background

In March, with fuel prices hovering around $5 a gallon at some New York City gas stations, For-Hire Vehicle and Taxi drivers rallied at an NYC gas station, seeking a rate surcharge to help offset rising costs. Although prices have since dropped in many places across the city, the spike prompted some companies to add a temporary surcharge to each trip to help drivers paying for their own fuel.

According to Raul Rivera, who helped found NYC Drivers Unite, the surcharges wouldn’t add up to much, but they would help people who are struggling already.

When fuel prices began rising, Rivera became worried. He said it was hard enough making a living, due to the pandemic. When the cost of fuel eclipsed $4 a gallon – and continued climbing – he was confronted with a dilemma: Should he put new brakes on his car or wait until he could better manage rising costs? In the end, he decided to cut his losses and temporarily give up the car he was renting.

In the meantime, drivers are asking the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) to put in place an emergency $0.75 fuel surcharge on all trips conducted by Taxis and High-Volume FHVs. A TLC spokesperson said they are reviewing the request and plan to talk with drivers about the possibility of increasing fares.

Source: NBC New York