NICE, FRANCE – APRIL 11, 2015: A woman is programming the Auto Bleue charging station to electrically charge a Renault Zoe electric car in Nice, France.

In response to growing Electric Vehicle (EV) sales, New York City said in June it will remove 100 parking spots and install the city’s first-ever curbside EV charging ports at those locations. City officials said the installations already began and are expected to be completed by October. NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) said the installations are part of a four-year program to boost the electrification of vehicles, to help achieve the city’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

The public charging ports are expected to cost motorists $2.50 per charging hour during the day and $1.00 per hour overnight.

NYC currently has 15,000 registered electric vehicles and approximately 1,500 charging stations, 117 of which provide 80% charge in under an hour, while 1,400 provide 80% charge in 4 to 8 hours. The planned curbside charging stations will be similar to the latter type. The DOT also plans to add another 20 curbside charging stations to service the city’s growing EV fleet.

Source: The Deep Dive