The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) has alerted all medallion owners that they must submit a financial disclosure for calendar year 2021 by October 1, 2022. Independent medallion owners, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies must file medallion finance information to the TLC annually – including financial information such as operating expenses, income from taxi operations, and any loans for financed medallions.

TLC does not accept Medallion Owner Financial Disclosures in person or by email.

Step 1: Complete the Medallion Owner Financial Disclosure Worksheet at to prepare your answers for the Medallion Owner Financial Disclosure Online Form. You will need the following information:

  • List of all medallion taxicab licenses you are filing a disclosure for
  • Income and expenses related to operation of the medallion taxicab(s)
  • Total liability insurance premiums paid for the operation of the medallion taxicab(s)
  • Number and balances of all loans for the medallions
  • Number of medallions that serve as collateral
  • Bankruptcy filings, if applicable
  • Any in a medallion owner has in a business or service that is related to taxicab, livery, or for-hire businesses.

Step 2: After completing the worksheet, enter your information and submit your Medallion Owner Financial Disclosure using the online form at