As officials warn of dwindling coronavirus vaccine doses, New York City is making transportation services available to seniors who manage to schedule a shot, Mayor de Blasio said in January. People ages 65 and older seeking a vaccine at a city-run site can apply for Access-a-Ride service – which provides rides from an ambulette, the ride-hailing service Curb and other options. According to de Blasio, they’ll be “screened” for eligibility for a ride.

The vaccine rollout has been marred by federal lapses, sniping between Gov. Cuomo and de Blasio and widespread complaints that the process of getting a vaccine is confusing. In early January, de Blasio said the city would soon run out of supplies without a boost in shipments from the feds.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak continues to rage in the city and beyond. New York saw 172 new deaths on Jan. 16, bringing the death toll to 32,897. Nationwide, the number of fatalities neared 400,000 over that same weekend.

Cuomo repeated his calls for more vaccine doses on Jan. 17.

“We are getting shots in arms as quickly and efficiently as possible – we just simply need more vaccines,” Cuomo said. “It’s time for the federal government to step up, increase the supply and actually help the state defeat this virus once and for all.”

Source: Daily News