“Taxis have played a central role in the fabric of urban transportation for more than a century, with the first city taxi dating back over 115 years… One of the ways taxis can be better situated to navigate a constantly evolving industry is through a universalized platform approach that gives consumers access to all forms of available transportation. By opening up integration opportunities for various providers of taxis, for-hire vehicles, ride-share vehicles, and other modes of transportation through open platforms or services, all parties can benefit. For taxis, a universal platform approach to booking travel is especially important, as it makes it possible for drivers and everyone in the taxi industry to compete on the same playing field with other forms of transportation.”

– Amos Tamam


“A new class-action lawsuit says a decade of negligence and corruption by New York City officials destroyed the value of yellow taxi medallions, and demands $2.5 billion in restitution. The suit alleges city officials were in 2011 warned the medallion market would collapse by TLC staffer Gary Roth, who wrote a memo made public in 2019 warning that ‘if the price of medallions dropped significantly, it could force recent medallion buyers underwater.’ Despite Roth’s findings, the TLC continued to auction off new medallions for sky-high prices, the suit says.”

 – Clayton Guse and Noah Goldberg


“The NYC taxi industry will never be the same after the pandemic. There will be fewer yellow taxis, more surcharges, and foreclosures/bankruptcies.”
– Taxi Solomon


“An Uber driver was assaulted as a result of a group attacking him because he would only take four passengers as mandated by TLC Rules. Please encourage drivers that when they see any potential threat it is best to comply with a group to avoid any conflict. Based on other recent assaults it is not wise to call for assistance if the incident has not escalated, which encouraged the group to attempt to confiscate the driver’s phone and assault the driver. It is not worth the risk of bodily harm to stand up for a TLC rule or for personal preferences in a potentially problematic situation.”

– Bertram Merling