Dear Taxi Dave
When is this city going to realize it’s not vehicles causing traffic? It’s pedestrian malls, open streets, bus lanes, bike lanes and non-emergency construction at 4:00pm. The city is putting their pants on inside out.

The idea of congestion pricing (like in London) is confined to a small part of the city. Streets need to be open for vehicular traffic, and cyclists/pedestrians need to follow traffic rules. The flow of traffic moves when all parties follow the same guidelines and traffic signals are in stride. But the traffic lights change every four blocks, vehicles can’t turn on the green turn signal… hence blockage/congestion.

Congestion pricing is a ploy to get funds to a broken MTA system. This city will never be profitable and have revenue needed for schools, etc. because of the MTA.

The city wants to remove vehicle traffic in Manhattan by 2030, so I’d like to ask de Blasio how he’ll get around city when he’s 80 and disabled? The city wants citizens to get to JFK from Manhattan with luggage by Citibike.

“Imagine what $15 billion could do for your daily commute on the subway. Any problem the MTA says they have can be addressed with this,” said de Blasio, while holding up a giant prop check, advocating to move faster on congestion pricing implementation in a Daily News article.

– Taxi Solomon



“As the media has reported in great detail, both Uber and Lyft have been losing billions of dollars per year since the companies started, and many business analysts agree those companies will only become profitable when self-driving cars are fully ready for service. Uber & Lyft’s goal is driver-less cars. TNCs pay 65-75% of its fares to its drivers, but it will pay nothing to robots. Robot cars won’t start a union, won’t go on strike, and won’t complain like its current fleet of drivers do. Therefore, Uber & Lyft cannot wait to get rid of their drivers. Meanwhile, your management wants to you succeed because your company only succeeds when YOU make money. If you haven’t already realized it, your company wants you to keep paying your lease week after week, month after month, year after year. When you are happy, the company is happy.”

–  Joseph Rubino, transportation consultant




“If a livery base sends a dispatch to a livery vehicle, the livery base – as the provider of transportation – is exempt from paying sales tax. But, if a livery base sends a dispatch to a black car or any other vehicle other than a livery, the livery base is NOT exempt from sales tax. The Livery Roundtable knows that when the TLC’s prohibition on cross-dispatched was removed, certain livery bases started to dispatch to black cars believing the livery base was not responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to the State. THIS UNDERSTANDING IS WRONG! If you are a livery base owner who sends even one dispatch to a black car, you MUST register with the State to collect sales tax and MUST remit payment to the State. Important to note: The sales tax liability carries a personal liability with it and is not limited to the corporate level. In other words, if you fail to collect any sales tax required to be collected, you become personally liable for it.”

– Steven J. Shanker




“The wave is coming. New York needs to build an infrastructure and regulatory landscape to incentivize and support electric vehicles now, and ensure individuals relying on [transportation] for income can continue earning in the next decade and beyond.”

– Julie Samuels, The Daily News




“Do you have a pet that supports your mental health? Recent research exploring the benefits of pets and human-animal interaction for mental health has uncovered new benefits for stress, depression, post-traumatic stress, and for managing mental health.”

– Cherry Hill Recreation