In a tragic second, Delfino Aparicio Lopez was taken away from his family on April 19 by a stray bullet. The children of 46-year-old Taxi driver say they are proud to let everyone know who their father was.

“He was a selfless hardworking loving man that constantly thought of others,” his son, Ariel Aparicio said.

During a shift as a Taxi driver, Lopez was traveling along Handy Street near Paul Robeson Boulevard when he was struck by a bullet. He died of his injuries hours later. Police say he wasn’t targeted; he was an innocent bystander who tragically lost his life.

Police arrested 35-year-old Rhadisha Maurrasse on 1st-degree murder and gun charges.

Lopez worked hard to support his family. It was the most important thing to him, his eldest son Ariel said, because he wanted his children to have a better life than he did. Ariel, who is 20-years old, is now a junior at Rutgers University where he majors in math and economics.

A GoFundMe page paid for his funeral and is helping to make sure Ariel and his siblings continue their education. By late April, it had grown to more than $13,000.

Source: ABC7 New York