A passenger in a New York City Yellow Taxi is crediting the vehicle’s headrest for saving her life after a random bullet shattered the back windshield of the car, missing her by mere inches. Hannah Warnaar told NBC New York that she was returning home from JFK International Airport just after midnight on July 26, when she heard a bang, as she was scrolling on her phone.

“Some glass hit me in the face, so I ducked down. I realized that I was bleeding,” Warnaar recalled. She didn’t immediately realize a bullet had entered the car.

The cab driver initially thought the loud noise was fireworks, but when he turned around, he saw that the back windshield had been fully shattered, so he pulled off the Van Wyck Expressway and called police.

After getting out of the cab, Warnaar was shocked to see a bullet hole in the backseat headrest where she was sitting. She said: “If it had hit the headrest at just a slightly different angle or spot… it’s literally exactly where my head was, so that’s obviously a horrifying thought to think about.”

It was unclear who fired the gun, although authorities don’t believe it was aimed at the cab or Warnaar. The cab driver said he saw two cars that appeared to be racing one another on the highway before the shot went off.

New York City mayoral candidates, Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa, have both expressed their concerns about the safety of residents and tourists as the five boroughs look to recover from the pandemic, but Warnaar says she won’t let one shooting change how she feels about the city.

“I feel like it’s such a random event to happen. It’s like getting hit by lightning,” she said. “The chance of it happening twice feels nonexistent. So, for this to cloud my perspective of New York would feel ridiculous.”

Source: NBC New York