Police arrested a suspect wanted for attacking a man with a hammer on a Manhattan subway platform and breaking a Taxi driver’s window in Jan. Authorities arrested 47-year-old Bronx resident Jose Moreno, who is charged with two counts of assault for randomly attacking a man with a hammer at the 175th Street station in Washington Heights around 11:00am on Jan. 10 on the southbound A train platform.

Authorities say the 46-year-old victim was waiting for the train when he was struck in the head from behind. Before the attack, the suspect reportedly yelled, “I’m going to [f**k] someone up.”

The victim, Patrick Osborne, said he could tell the suspect was angry about something, and wonders if he was mistaken for someone else.

“He said something like he’s gonna bash somebody in the head or something. I thought he was just having like an earphone or phone [conversation],” said Osborne, who saw the suspect holding a hammer but otherwise didn’t seem dangerous.

Osborne said he was facing the southbound A train and had his back to the suspect – he never saw what was coming. He managed to get to a token booth clerk attendant for help. He was treated for head pain at the scene but refused further medical attention. After the attack, he says he now suffers from headaches and hurt his knee when he fell to the ground.

After striking Osborne, police say the suspect ran away from the scene.

A day after the subway assault, Moreno broke a Taxi driver’s window – also with a hammer. He smashed the Taxi’s windshield in front of a building on East 161st Street at around 4:05am. The taxi driver was not injured.

Moreno was charged with criminal mischief, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment. Following that arrest, police were able to link him with the subway attack. The same hammer is believed to have been used in both incidents.

Source: WABC