Hello everybody. This month, I want to talk about TLC tickets. There are far fewer TLC agents than NYPD officers, but it seems to me – as a DMV and TLC lawyer (among other things) – that drivers receive TLC summonses in abundance. If you drive for-hire on a regular basis, odds are you will receive a TLC summons, either from an inspector or due to a customer complaint (or otherwise) at some point.

It is important to talk to a lawyer like myself or a qualified TLC representative when you receive a TLC ticket. Often, if your TLC and DMV records are relatively good, TLC will offer a settlement to you or your lawyer to reduce or eliminate the points you receive with the tickets. Be sure to speak to me or your lawyer or rep of choice because I can get you a settlement with better terms than one that you might get yourself, in many instances.

Sometimes, it makes sense to simply pay a TLC ticket – but please make sure that the ticket you plan to pay does not carry TLC points or other potential penalties, if there’s a chance you will receive future tickets for the same offense. It is a good idea to run it by your lawyer or rep before you pay the ticket. An honest lawyer will often offer a free consultation about your ticket and advise you to pay it if that is the best course of action for you.

Other times, it might pay to attend an OATH hearing for your TLC tickets and try for a “not guilty” verdict. I generally believe it is far better to settle a ticket than to fight a ticket in the vast majority of cases because a hearing is risky, and you may indeed lose. A settlement is much more predictable than a hearing, often making it a safer choice.

Never ignore a TLC summons or correspondence! This could lead to additional penalties and problems. Always handle your TLC summons by reading it and getting professional help by contacting a lawyer or representative like myself.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month and always… be well.