Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about TLC’s policy regarding red light tickets. TLC has a very strict policy regarding red light violations, and it is important for every TLC-licensed driver to be aware of this policy.

If you are found or plead guilty to three red light violations in 12 months, then TLC will seek to revoke your TLC license. That means that you will not be allowed to drive a TLC vehicle legally for at least one year, and perhaps more if TLC revokes your TLC license as a result of such violations.

This rule is true whether you received a red-light violation from an NYPD officer, a TLC inspector, a customer complaint or even a red-light camera ticket from the City of New York. Red-light camera tickets carry a penalty of $50 and zero points on your DMV record, so many TLC drivers simply choose to pay these tickets.  However, as stated above, if you receive three red light violations – including camera tickets – TLC may choose to revoke your TLC license and you cannot log into your app or TPEP and work for at least a year!

Be careful around red lights! Stop well before yellow lights. Yes, I know it can be dangerous to stop short in many areas of the City when a light is yellow but try to be aware of this rule.

There are some instances if you receive a red-light TLC ticket from a NYPD officer or TLC inspector or a customer complaint that I might be able to settle the matter for zero points, but it is not possible to avoid the three red light in 12 months rule, even if the matter is settled for zero points.

Please contact a knowledgeable TLC lawyer or representative if you receive a TLC ticket for a red-light violation. Protect your TLC license!

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month, be well.