Hello everybody. This month, I want to talk about red light tickets issued by the NYPD, returnable at Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) offices of the DMV, and their interaction with the TLC enforcement unit. I will also discuss red light camera tickets issued by the NYC Department of Finance and their interaction with the TLC enforcement unit.

If you receive a summons for passing a red light in New York City (a VTL section 1111D1 summons), you will receive three DMV points, as well as a $278 fine for a first violation. The fine goes up for a second or even third 1111D1 in an 18-month period.

As you can see, this is a very costly penalty.

TLC policy makers believe that red light summonses are profoundly serious and potentially deadly for motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. In that regard, under the persistent violator program, TLC will impose three points on your TLC license for passing a red light, which is consistent with other DMV moving violation to TLC penalties.

For instance, if you receive an 1110A summons from NYPD (which carries two DMV points), TLC will add two points to your TLC record as well.

Remember that TLC will add your points together. If you receive a speeding ticket from TLC inspectors that carries four TLC points, or a stop sign ticket from a TLC inspector that carries three points, or a red-light ticket that carries three points from DMV, as I stated, they also become TLC points, and the TLC will add the points together.

Another example: If you receive a stop sign ticket from TLC for three points and a 1111D1 from NYPD for three points, your TLC license will have six points on it.

Remember: TLC will suspend you for 30 days if you receive six or more points on your TLC license in a 15-month period, measured from the guilty date of the ticket.  If you receive 10 or more points in a 15-month period, you will lose your TLC license to revocation, so it is vitally important to keep both your DMV and your TLC points low!

I recommend having a good lawyer (like myself) on retainer to take care of your DMV and TLC points.


Regarding red light camera tickets issued by the NYC Department of Finance, the same people who write parking tickets, the fine is $50 and there are no DMV points issued with them. However, the TLC will often write you a TLC ticket for passing a red light, which can carry a $300 fine and three points on your TLC license.

The TLC believes that red light tickets are very dangerous violations, and since drivers must log into TLC computers (TPEP, etc.), the TLC is aware of who the driver is for any particular red light camera ticket, and the TLC will track you down and give you three points… and often a fine, even though a non-TLC driver will just receive a $50 from the Department of Finance because it cannot be confirmed who is driving the vehicle.

So, be careful if you receive a $50 ticket to pay a red-light camera ticket. Try to challenge it if you believe that you have grounds. If not, then TLC will send a second violation for the same offense. TLC camera tickets are very tough to fight.

My point is, be careful when approaching red lights. It is better to be caught by a light then to go through one. I know, sometimes this is dangerous or impossible to do, but be aware of these TLC added penalties.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month and always, be well.