More Tesla Model 3 Yellow Cabs are expected to hit NYC streets

Teslarati shared a reader-submitted photo showing two other Tesla Model 3 yellow taxis side-by-side in White Plains. In addition, I can confirm from speaking with someone at Drive Sally that they have plans to continue to expand their Tesla Model 3 yellow cab fleet and have already started. It should be interesting to see more Tesla yellow cabs on the road and I am sure as NYC returns to life during the spring and summer they are bound to get more attention from drivers and passengers alike. 

Finally, the Tesla Model 3 that was involved in an accident still appears to be out of commission (or only very recently returned to the road), which could be a cause for concern regarding Tesla body work/repair turnaround times (i.e. being without a car for 3/4 weeks is not feasible for most drivers). As with most new technologies, it’s good to get excited by the future, but also important to track the real world positives and negatives of driving a Tesla in the NYC TLC industry (especially if you are investing tens of thousands of dollars in purchasing a car). 

Personally, am looking forward to seeing more Tesla yellow cabs on the road and tracking reactions and how they hold up!