Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about the critical driver program at TLC. Rule 80-27a in 35 Rules of the City of New York (or RCNY) contains special driver programs of which there are two: critical driver and persistent violator programs. In this column, I will discuss the critical driver program, which relates to DMV points that a TLC driver accrues.

35 RCNY 80-27(a) contains the critical driver program rules. Rule 80-27(a)(1) provides that if a driver received six or more DMV points in a 15-month period, but fewer than 10, that driver will be suspended for 30 days by TLC and not allowed to sign in or work legally during this period of time.

Rule 80-27(a)(2) provides that if a TLC driver accrues 10 or more DMV points in any 15-month period, TLC will revoke that driver’s TLC license for at least one year. It is important to note that this rule concerns DMV points for tickets that a driver receives from NYPD or other police departments throughout the state. You do not need to be driving for work or obtain the ticket in NYC for this rule to punish you. Any DMV ticket at any time anywhere in NYS – even if you weren’t even a TLC driver when you initially received a DMV summons – will punish you if you receive too many DMV points.

Rule 80-27(a)(4) and (5) say that points are counted from the day you are adjudicated guilty, as measured by the most recent summons for which you are so adjudicated. The rules go on to state that a six-hour DMV defensive driving course (DDC class) will reduce your total by three points for TLC purposes.

It is therefore very important to fight your DMV tickets if you want to avoid TLC’s critical driver penalties. Remember to bring your DMV tickets to a qualified and competent DMV lawyer to fight your tickets for you. I am available for a free initial consultation if you need to discuss further.

Be smart and hire a lawyer to fight your DMV tickets for you to protect your job at TLC, even if you only drive part-time.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month, be well.