A livery base is a business, and the branding of a business is more important than you may think. Your brand may seem like it consists only of elements such as logos and colors. In reality, the entire identity of your business is your brand. Your brand gives your business a personality.

Branding has always been a vital part of any business, but it may be more important now more than ever before. With social media, consumers get exposed to new brands every day. When consumers have plenty of options for transportation and are able to do a web search to find the best service, your brand can make or break you.

We all know there is a huge amount of competition in the for-hire vehicle (FHV) industry. To gain an edge, livery bases need to go the extra mile of ensuring they stand out in a crowd. One of the most obvious reasons that businesses need branding is to help them get recognized more often. If you have a strong brand for your business, people will take note of it much more than they would a business without a strong brand A business that does not have a brand is not going to stay in someone’s mind for very long.

After all, you want to grab the soon-to-be travelers’ attention and keep it. With the right branding, you have the chance to get some control over how people perceive your business. You cannot rely solely on the base markings on your affiliated vehicles.

Someone might see your brand for only a moment, but if it sticks out in a positive way, there is a better chance they will not forget it, even if this person is not ready to use your services just yet. Eventually, when they are ready to take the next steps, if your branding has stuck with them, they will come back to you.

Branding is something many of us expect to see when we look at businesses in any industry. People look for websites, reviews, social media, and even email addresses. Anything that is missing or anything that does not look professional will be a red flag to some. If you do not have a professional-looking website, then get one. If you do not have a company logo, then hire someone to create one for you. If you use @gmail.com for an email address, then invest in a domain name. These are not expensive items, but their importance is paramount. Without branding, you have very little to show how your service is different or better than others.

If you had to choose between a business with a clear, professional-looking brand and a business that has not made the effort to establish one, you probably can guess which one is more likely to be trusted. Branding helps you show potential customers you are an established, credible business – it is an essential investment to make your company stand out from the competition. If you have a strong brand, potential customers will recognize that you put in the work to create your brand.

The goal is to make a memorable impression on consumers and distinguish your company from your competitors. You want to tell consumers what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

Your company brand is your reputation. A strong reputation means a strong brand which, in turn, translates into value. The way consumers perceive your company is the result of the branding process (or lack thereof). Good branding can change how people perceive your company. It can drive new business and increase brand value. Just like with the reputation of a person, the reputation of a brand precedes it.

Ask yourself a few simple questions

  • Do you have a brand?
  • Does your competition have a brand?
  • If you have a brand, is it a strong brand?
  • When was the last time you took affirmative steps to increase your brand awareness?

Branding these days is not an expensive endeavor – but just as it takes time to build a good reputation, it takes time to build a strong brand. My point: You have to start somewhere. In this day in age when competition is high and travelers have many choices, branding has never been more important. If you don’t have or don’t work on your brand, you are leaving a huge opportunity on the table.

Today’s consumers are savvy, knowledgeable, and armed with mobile devices. They do their research, and they demand more from businesses than ever before. A good brand will put your company ahead of businesses that are not using branding to their advantage. Create a brand that people recognize and care about and see the way it positively impacts your business.