Hello everybody… This month I want to talk about the inevitable blitz of traffic tickets and TLC tickets that will follow the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The governments in NYC and New York State undoubtably needs money for their coffers and it is always difficult to raise taxes in a mayoral race year in NYC. It is my opinion that the police will seek to hand out lots of tickets as soon as health conditions allow.

So, remember to watch your speed and watch out for red lights. Be careful and concentrate while driving. If you do get pulled over, do not argue with the officer or TLC agent. Do not show that you are upset. (I know this is easier to write about then to do in actuality).

Try to make the police officer forget the traffic stop by handing over your information promptly and courteously. After the police or TLC leave, then write down your defense or take notes on your phone audio app or a video. After that, call a lawyer like me or a TLC representative who is qualified. Explain what happened and let a professional fight the ticket for you.

It is important to fight every ticket that you receive. If you are not sure that a ticket has points, a qualified attorney or TLC rep will tell you the truth – whether you need to hire the lawyer or not for a particular summons. I am always happy to talk to you for a brief free initial consultation on the phone.

Take care of all of your DMV and TLC tickets on time and professionally. Remember that this is your job. Even if you do not work full time, take care of all your summonses properly and protect yourself. Read this paper and all trusted sources for information about locations where tickets are handed out on a frequent basis. Take regular breaks when driving. Pay attention to the weather and your vehicle. Make sure that you always deal with reputable professionals when handling your business… be it tickets or insurance or any other taxi or FHV related matter.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month and always, be well.