Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about keeping TLC informed of all actions that you take that could have ramifications on your TLC license. To start with, make sure you keep TLC informed of all your current contact information (including email). Make sure you can receive your regular United States mail and that you promptly open all mail that you receive from TLC.

As a TLC licensee you have an obligation under several rules to keep the TLC informed regarding how to contact you. Further, you need to keep TLC informed of all actions that you take that may affect your ability to operate as a TLC licensee.

Recently, I have seen a spate of tickets issued by TLC to owners of TLC vehicles who surrendered their plates to DMV but failed to notify TLC. Even after you have turned in your TLC plates you must notify TLC that you have done so by notifying their compliance department. If you change your insurance coverage or base or anything else that materially changes your relationship with TLC, you must notify them immediately.

TLC exists mainly to allow the government to know who is driving your vehicle at any time and that the car has the proper insurance – so you must keep TLC aware of how to contact you, at all times, and assure them that you are using a vehicle that has proper insurance or that you have turned in plates on same.

It is imperative to keep this in mind at all times while operating under the auspices of the TLC, or even if you end your relationship with the agency. I would be happy to answer basic questions that you have if you call me at my office. Remember, you must make an appointment in advance if you need to speak to me by calling my office phone number.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month and always… be well.