New York’s City Council is prohibiting the sale of “flash-reflecting” plastic license plate covers and other similar products. On December 9, council members passed a bill by Robert Holden (D-Queens) halting the citywide sale or distribution of any products or devices used to conceal or obscure license plates or distort a recorded or photographic image of license plates. Violators face fines starting at $300.

Although the products have been used to beat tolls and traffic cameras for years, “[They] have no purpose but to be installed to intentionally violate the law,” Holden said. “Those who sell these products know their only use and must be deterred from trading in them or face a penalty.”

An MTA supervisor who bragged to his co-workers about eluding bridge and tunnel tolls with an obscured license plate was demoted and required to pay restitution in September after an investigation by the authority’s inspector general found he owed over $100,000 in tolls, penalties and fines.

Drivers throughout New York caught using the products already faced fines ranging from $50 to $300 under state law, but Holden’s bill targets sellers.

Source: New York Post