An old friend of mine, Chip Stern, recently reminded me of Einstein’s theory of special relativity: E = mc2. We have matter, energy, mass and vibrations and the speed of light.

You should know that Chip is a better writer than I will ever be, and it wasn’t uncommon to pick up the Daily News and see one of his stories or editorials. That said, we all know that for every action there is a reaction. We all should understand that everything vibrates, whether it be our voices, radio and T waves, all living things, even our consciousness.

Heavy, right? Even stationary things like rocks or mountains vibrate, but at a much slower pace than we can imagine. Hence, mountains grow each year, etc.

Did you ever find yourself meeting like-minded people in your taxi or anywhere? People on your “wavelength,” if you will. It is part of that mc2 theory where similar particles or vibrations attract. Hence the unknown energy after death.

None of us really think of energy or vibrations and their reactions while going about our daily lives, whether it be driving a taxi, parenting, working and solving business problems, or any other day in your lives. I do, however, know this proven theory: for every action, there is a reaction.

Strangely, sometimes an action is simply doing nothing. Standing idle as any person, any business, any city agency can have unfortunate results and reactions. Even a city agency with the mass of a blob of fat, and whose energy is apparently less than an eye-blink, has and will often have zero positive reactions… only negative ones. One such instance of inaction led to a dozen driver and medallion-owner suicides just a few short years ago.

I always try to stay away from negative or toxic people and currently avoid the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), literally. But in this paper, I can write about the negative reactions caused by the most dysfunctional New York City agency since William “Boss” Tweed and Tammany Hall.

Don’t get me wrong, the TLC didn’t directly steal $200 million, a number unfathomable in the 1800s, but they are the direct conduit – the reason for hundreds of millions of dollars being taken from unsuspecting medallion auction purchasers and the financial institutions that believed the bullshit of this agency’s vibrations, when they literally bragged to the world about their “rock-solid, protected” values prior to such auctions. The current TLC is simply inefficient in every manner.

The internet allows us to choose the groups of people we “vibrate” with or are attracted to. But the internet can be misused as well. For example, when the TLC does not announce a certain meeting or hearings related to their mission and mission statement (which for some reason had to be rewritten under the TLC leadership of Bloomberg brown-nose David Yassky), there is a reaction, or lack thereof, clouded as it may be. (In all fairness, sometimes things are posted, but not in a timely fashion.)

The TLC’s vibrations are calculated based on whether they want the public and the transportation industry to understand their hidden political agendas and their hopeful goals. We know the TLC wanted the yellow medallion industry to be destroyed based on their actions and lack of equal regulation.

So, the TLC took a 100-year-old, thriving taxi industry, and in just a few short years – that some say felt like the speed of light – resulted in 7,000 medallions not serving the public, thousands of personal bankruptcies, thousands of foreclosures, the United States government taking over financial institutions and finally, a working class reduced to welfare and food handouts.

One thing is for sure: E = mc2 proves we are a result of our actions or lack thereof.

PS: Another old taxi driving friend told me that a TLC analyst called him asking for statistics about his income for 2020, even though they have that information from the T-PEP systems used for every fare. When the analyst asked about his income for 2021, he had to tell the analyst his medallion was in fact, AT the TLC with 7,000 other medallions – not serving the public due to a lack of drivers.

What the current TLC does not know could fill every library in New York. The day after, another TLC analyst called my friend to say, “I’m calling to find out your medallion income for 2021.” Need I say more?