Despite the increased spread of the Covid delta variant, crowds are returning to New York City. Unfortunately, the swarm of yellow cabs that once cruised the streets of Midtown Manhattan in large part stalled amid the continuing pandemic, with vehicles sitting idle, parked in lots across Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

Even the largest NYC taxi fleets are running at half-capacity, at best – their other vehicles stowed away without license plates to save money on insurance, as they attempt to entice drivers back to work.

Taxi drivers out on the streets are benefitting from the lack of competition, but many are concerned that customers actively seeking out Yellow Taxis – who are turned off by app-hail surge prices – will simply give up and go back to companies like Uber and Lyft out of frustration.

Others remain hopeful it’s just a matter of time before more drivers return to the streets and the ubiquitous Yellow Taxis make up for ground lost in the past decade. NYC may not yet be 100% back on its feet, but plenty of Taxi companies are saying that the work is there for those who want it.

Source: WABC