Congratulations, we made it to November 2021! It should not be forgotten that half of the yellow taxi fleet in New York City is still not being utilized because of the current administrations’ lack of insight and lack of willingness to work with the industry to reenlist drivers and vehicles.

Contact Dan Ackman (his info is in this issue) if you know any driver who lost their TLC license due to an arrest. He may be able to help restore your driving privileges.

Here’s what else is going on: When I had my Taxi Dave radio show, I always said I would never allow my daughters to take an Uber or Lyft. My instincts were correct as there were over 4,000 sexual harassment cases revealed by Lyft recently. Uber revealed 6,000 sexual harassment cases.

Stats like this are despicable, at best, and would surely never be so blatantly ignored if it happened to any other company or industry. Is their stock price really worth cheapening values and destroying the lives of so many women? I guess some think so.

In a special section of the Sunday New York Times they listed New York’s best attorneys. Under “Personal Injury” was a two-page story about what to do if you are injured riding your bicycle. In 2019, there were 3,800 bicycle accidents in New York City, where the rider was seriously injured or died. The story said that, under New York’s no-fault insurance law, bike riders could receive up to $50,000 under the vehicle’s coverage for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Nothing like having vehicle insurance rates spike even more in New York City, with 530,000 daily Citibike trips. All of those bicycle accidents occurred, despite 1,500 miles of bike lanes. Another failure of Zero Vision… oops, I mean Vision Zero. Now the attorneys want their piece.

With fully-automated vehicles coming soon to a city near you, injured bikers will be suing the autonomous companies of the world, along with vehicle manufacturers. Fully automated vehicles are starting in Dubai this month with a company named Gitex Global. In China, Neolix will have a driverless delivery service starting by the time you read this. Amazon has a company named ZOOX that has been testing in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and soon Seattle. ZOOX uses a Toyota Highlander SUV with their autonomous system, which comes WITHOUT A STEERING WHEEL and is capable of transporting four passengers at 75 mph! In late October, Volkswagen began previewing their Robotaxi, which was unveiled in Munich in Sept, and will be used for ride-pooling in Hamburg.

Speaking of school buses… ha… almost 7,000 school buses received summonses for speeding or going through a red light in New York City! That is 65% of the 10,500 total. Eighty-six school buses received 20 or more speeding or reds light tickets. This adds up to more ZERO VISION and Zero oversight. Those drivers should lose their driving privileges permanently.

Experts estimate that congestion pricing fees will fall between $9 and $35 – a pretty big disparity and a pretty penny. New Jersey has threatened to stop ALL BUSINESS at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, including ports and airports, if NJ drivers are double taxed. TLC vehicles, truckers, commuters and tourists must pay the surcharge, despite voicing their opposition. Thanks, New York… nothing like another surcharge to help destroy the taxi industry, even as the hunger strike by taxi drivers in front of City Hall continues.

Finally, with the Christmas holiday coming up, tis the season of SCAMS. I have received emails, texts and calls from people CLAIMING TO BE EMPLOYED by banks and credit card companies I do business with. They have also built FAKE WEBSITES that look identical to the company websites you use.

Beware of offers to DOWNLOAD an app to FIX issues with your account. The really dumb scammers ask to only be paid by gift cards, or they ask you to purchase gift cards from them for payment purposes. BEWARE: Follow these tips to avoid being exposed to scammers!

If you received a summons, call Mike Spevack (see his column in this issue).

Until next month, I wish you good health and prosperity…